Love for graves!

go here While we’re all searching for love in this unreal world, this poet tells us about a man searching for love in the graves. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss this one by Khwaish Gupta! 4234/


get link Last night
When we were up
On the terrace,
I handed him his

fotos de mujeres solteras en mexico He had promised me
That he will
Sing for me, songs,
Originally written
For Her. For an hour
or so,
He wouldn’t stop singing
And I couldn’t stop listening.

canary islands dating site Ditties for her,
Were left
Just like that;
On carcasses of which,
Feeds himself.

But i think,
She was up there with us,
Putting in his mouth,
Small bites
Of their

Her soul still
Travels with him;
Unlike her body
In the grave in his garden.

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