Love for graves!

While we’re all searching for love in this unreal world, this poet tells us about a man searching for love in the graves. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss this one by Khwaish Gupta!


Last night
When we were up
On the terrace,
I handed him his

He had promised me
That he will
Sing for me, songs,
Originally written
For Her.

For an hour
or so,
He wouldn’t stop singing
And I couldn’t stop listening.

Ditties for her,
Were left
Just like that;
On carcasses of which,
Feeds himself.

But i think,
She was up there with us,
Putting in his mouth,
Small bites
Of their

Her soul still
Travels with him;
Unlike her body
In the grave in his garden.

You surely would want to check out her writings at @khwaish.g!

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