How this young girl describes love is giving us hope for this generation’s love culture

We are looking at this generation giving up on love already, dating each other just for the sake of dating, and above all, hook ups! GET OVER IT, GUYS. You don’t become cool. We don’t even have an idea about love, maybe all we have is a poor interpretation of it. Let’s not be driven by a culture that depends on drugs to give you amazing sexual experiences, or perhaps money, to turn you on. We’ve been witnessing relationships without any real commitments or actual feelings, rather just a fling or infatuation leading to unreal promises.

Amidst all this, when we come across a 17 year old girl, writing about love in the form of a beautiful poetry, it takes our heart away. Presenting Khwaish Gupta, who has tangled words in the best way possible to give all of us hopes for this futuristic love.

Here we go!

You’d entice me
For a coffee
Like the words
Of my poems
Lured you

Our conversations were
As meaningless
As poems
We wove together.

Like commas in
Our verses
Our fights to
Our love.
Beautiful yet brutal.

Full stops
Were uncommon
Because we believed in
Forevers and eternities.

We’d make love
Over a piece
Left incomplete

Didn’t I tell you before?
You and me,
We’re poetry.

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