Photography is one of the most famous areas where everyone is talented and everyone has their own view, their perspective and their way of capturing a moment or creating a story.

There are those few exceptional people who sit days at a spot, shoot almost five hundred pictures, to have that one shot which could be featured as the best photos taken this year. In my little chat with Russell Pearson (Photographer for BBC Earth, Lonely Planet , Digital Camera and NatGeo Calendar) on Instagram , I found out how dedicated they are towards their work, how hard it is for them to earn the money.

Photography is a serene experience, it’s hard but capturing that perfect moment and editing it, is a real pleasure and makes the wait totally worth it!

Without further ado, let’s venture into the best captures of 2017.



Taken in the month of January 2017 by photographer, Khalid Alsabat. This picture depicts an old Chinese man, wearing traditional clothes casting a fishing net with two birds awaiting the catch. The shutter speed being fast totally grasped the perfect shape of the fishing net, showing its complete texture, the creation of a slight silhouette against the rising sun makes the picture look very blissful against the reflection of the whole scene in the still water. This picture won the 1st position in National Awards, Saudi Arabia.



This picture was named as the “Whale Dance” featuring the mammoth Blue whale breaching to the surface to get it’s share of air. Arching it’s back , the shot has been captured perfectly by Photographer John Tao of China. Imagine how long he might have waited for this very shot? The picture won him the 3rd Position in the National Awards for Photography in China.



Homare Hamada captured the a satellite being launched by a rocket. The light in this picture brings out an amazing effect, almost seems like a meteorite crashing the earth’s surface. The flame effect that appears on the water makes the picture awe-inspiring.



The editing in this image literally can give a person into photography get legit goosebumps. The image was named as, “The Mystical night” by photographer, Hendrik Mandla depicting a foggy night in Estonia. This picture is perfect in so many different levels, with the blend of textures, the icy road between water, fog in the horizon, a gazillion stars in the back drop and the organic images of trees and the lonely man.



This picture was taken by Christian Rodriguez , he explores the themes of gender and identity, working with communities all over the world. This picture was taken for the Lucie Foundation, which is a non-profit, charitable foundation used to honor master photographers, develop and cultivate new talent and promote the appreciation of photography worldwide. This picture seems to portray a malnourished boy and on his hand is a flower type structure , indicating hope.



“Peek-A-Boo” was the name of the picture given by it’s amazing photographer , Russell Pearson who has shot for many companies that photographers follow and dream to shoot for. This photo shows a shy Japanese Macaque which is adorable yet intense because of the sharp focus on it’s eyes , face and it’s fur scattered with tiny flakes of snow.



Reflections of figures on puddles can make the best pictures and this picture by Barry Tweed- Rycroft really stirs our eyes as we scroll down. It plays with the psychology, first we see a road and then we see the image that has actually been captured perfectly. It won a place in the open competition by Sony, United Kingdom.



Ken Geiger another amazing photographer contributing his work to National Geographic Travel takes our breath away. This picture tells of how the hunger Leopard was warning the hyena that it was getting to close to it’s meal. The precision and the clarity of the picture literally makes you feel that the animal is right there, in front of you!



This picture was named “Diamond Dust” by it’s photographer Nagano-ken at the altitude of 1700 meters. It was taken in February , which is the coldest month in Japan. Diamond Dust is very rare in the cold season and the photographer had to wait four years for this day! The orange circles are the diamond dust, which is usually white but the shot was taken in the early hours of the morning , which changes the colour. The diamond dust is expressed as thee silent forest fairy.



Just bee-ing around! Another picture by Ken Geiger which is just on point and saying anything about it would be saying less . The accuracy and the timing is beyond perfection. This is the perfect demonstration of the basic rule of photography – “Get closer”. This shot not only portrays photography at its brilliance, but also the beauty of nature and how detailed the most minute things are, be it a bee or the pollen grains that grace the tip of the flower.



The perfect word for this picture is “Insignificance”, of how insignificant we humans are in front of nature. Often in life, we happen to forget that there is a whole world out there bigger than us, a endless universe of God knows what possibilities and yet we happen to think that the world revolves around our life and our problems and forget that, everyday is a new day, the earth will go a step forward in the orbit and the sun will rise every single day.



This is an underwater shot by Christian Vilz who was always very drawn to the sea, he wondered how the world would be underneath the waves, what would happen if all the water were too suddenly disappear. He draws inspiration from the stillness and the feeling of being alive underwater. He says, “ My intention is to capture the essence of being immersed in the experience and presence of the animal or habitat I am photographing, and to share with others their splendour and soul.” He strives the connect and contribute photographs in the underwater realm.



The picture by Moises Saman depicts through his picture how people of the middle east, constantly have to adjust to the problems, bloodshed and complete destruction done by the ISIS. Cities turned into nothing but dust, children and families have to suffer every single day just to survive and get through to the next. It’s the kind of refugee life none of us can even come close to imagining.



Poser Kirill Vselensky stands on a cornice in Moscow as Dima Balashov gets the shot. The two call themselves “rooftopers” since they happen to explore every high point in the places they visit. Here they are celebrating their victory on Instagram .



A perfect picture by Randy Olson , shows the lighting striking the ground in a beautiful and almost sublime fashion with the sandhill cranes arrive to roost at the river in Nebraska . The picture is almost a silhouette ,but is not exactly one. The colours of the clouds go very well with the otherwise dark picture overall, bringing a dimension and uniqueness in editing style.

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