Is a masala entertainer that’s centred around a treasure heist in Rajasthan based in times of emergency.

Well. the plot, even though cliched doesn’t sound so bad, but the final product was much worse.
Its quite astonishing to see how can a writer director team turn out something so mediocre and so frivolous when they had a cliched but potentially good plot outline in addition to all the star power at their disposal.
This is the same team (Rajat Arora, Milan Luthria) that together gave us likes of Taxi No 9211, OUATM, Dirty Picture and some more which were not so great but certainly not as bad as this one.

To begin with the flaws, it was majorly the poorly written script.
For a plot that’s centred around a heist, if not watertight , it has to be coherent to say the least.
This one had so many loopholes that it was as good as tattered.

Dialogues with a overload of rajasthani accent were good only in glimpses though there were ample ones that were pretty amateurish. The best ones seem to have gone to our deserving Sanjay Mishra and they invited chuckles and whistles.

The rest of the star cast seemed to have been wasted away. Ajay Devgun and Imran Hashmi seemed to be bound tight by the lacklustre writing. Vidyut Jammwal wasn’t given a chance to do what he’s best at that is wow us with his stunts. Esha is merely a showpiece. Illeana thankfully managed to show some presence thanks to her central character.

Except for one, the songs were nondescript (even poor Sunny couldn’t manage to salvage her item song) .

Nothing managed to impress, the stunts, the chases, the characters, nothing. On the contrary there were many cringe worthy and senseless scenes.

The only positive thing after watching this debacle was the hearty laugh we had thinking about that hidden treasure that was to be stolen. Cant believe that it was stowed away in the same style as in Ali Baba ki Gaar or in dungeons of Pyramids, open overflowing chests with ornaments hanging out,huge platters with heaps of coins at all. In fact, it was discovered by the army not with flashlights but with kerosene lit torches (mashaals). It was as caricaturist and hilarious as it can be.

Unless you are a hardcore masala movie buff, I think this one can be given a miss.

Score 5 (minus 1 for beguiling us with the studded names)


Much needed move reviews!

Bollywood movies run only on public reviews & opinions. Therefore, Trendbelle is doing it’s part for our audience by collaborating with one of the most well known and genuine movie reviews, Bhavna Talkies!

Babumoshai Bandookbaaz

Is a crime thriller based in badlands of UP. With a rustic feel of Anurag Kashyap and Tigmanshu Dhulia kind of cinema, this one boasts of twists and turns akin to Abbas Mastan thrillers and has all the masala of bollywood aka love, sex & dhoka.

The plot and story revolves around a contract killer played by Nawaz. To spice up his story are angles of dirty politics, goons, passion, love, betrayal, double cross and revenge.

While Ghalib Asad Bhopali has done a good job of writing a story that is interesting, director Kushan Nandy has done a pretty neat job with all that authentic feel and look of UP badlands. The locations, the looks, the accents seem to be pretty much in place. But the highlight of the movie is definitely its stellar star cast.

The film starts on a boombastic note introducing us to quirky, kinky and trigger happy characters. It has our immediate attention and intrigue.
The film comes across as a perfect and taut entertainer with good music, good dialogues ,dark humour, style albeit a crude one,and of course a lot of blood and gore.

The first half of the film is power packed and is intermitted on a surprising twist.
While the second half continues to hold our attention, it sags in terms of substance with its endless surprise twists and sagas of double cross.
Inspite of all the endless violence,the immorality, the film ends with a subtle message of futility of all this and proves ” What goes around , comes around ”

Nawazuddin, the actor who is capable of drawing the audience just on his credibility plays upto expectations.Though he has not outdone himself considering he’s set the bar too high with his earlier performances and his character has a lot of shades of his own earlier characters like in GOW and Raman Raghav,its a delight to watch him every time.

The way he balances the ruthless killer, the ethical goon, the lover is superb. Jatin Goswami as the second lead matches upto Nawaz throughout the movie which is a feat in itself. Bigita Bag is superb as the firebrand cobbler and surprises us with the ease with which displays the boldness of her character. Other actors like Divya Dutta ,Anil George as the politicians, Bhagwan Tiwari as the police man , are all as much to be credited for their fine performances.

This movie might not be something that we haven’t seen before, but you cannot take away what it’s worth.
It might not be as qualitative as GOW or as black as Raman Raghav ( thankfully) but somewhere it does manage to hold our attention and entertain us. It might show the crudeness of characters without flinching but for a change the men and women seem to have an equal footing.

I must mention here that this film is for those who do not mind their cinema with violence, crudeness, and the darker side of humanity. I found it worth, specially with all those performances thrown in.

Score 7 on 10.

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Just plain sunder .. not at all susheel !

A Gentleman.. Sunder Susheel Risky

Huff ! Such an elaborate title for such an ordinary movie.
It took as much efforts to enjoy the movie as it would take to call the movie by its completely name !!!!

Its supposedly an action comedy drama. There are two avatars to our hero, one being the susheel one living a safe and stable life and longing for a like partner and the other being the risky one as an undercover agent longing for a stable and quiet life. Our pretty little heroine longs for a little spark in her man though its the quieter one who is besotted with her. How their lives get intertwined is what the plot is made of.

Not bad it was … the potential of the plot!
But alas ! Our director duo Raj & DK turn out such an insepid product inspite of the plot ,two ati sunder actors and quite some fancy locations.

Just like the name, the category of the movie is also a misfit.

For a film that calls itself an action film, there was hardly any action to boast of. The chases, the fights, the sequences were pretty drab and disappointing .. forget about thrills. The bad characters ( played by Suneil Shetty and Darshan Kumar) seemed lame minus any menace. Except for one or two scenes, there wasn’t much comedy to laugh or even chuckle.

The first half was pretty tepid and we waited patiently for the plot to pick up some pace or excitement or emotion. Towards the second half ,thankfully our prayers were heard , and we found some assemblage of twists and action ( mediocre but we were quite desperate by now to be happy with it ! ).

I must mention here that all through our bad times , what actually kept us going were our very very good looking lead stars. Siddharth and Jacqueline were so well matched in their hot quotient that it would be a virtual treat for their fans to watch them. They kept us engaged with their charm and their antics.
Its a pity though that by the time their blossoming romance could flare up and add some spark, the movie had decided to culminate. .

I wonder what went wrong with the director duo this time. This one neither had a rugged charm like Shor in the city, nor the finesse of Happy Ending and neither was it quirky like Go Goa Gone. I guess they tried to try out a very regular masala action film but failed to turn it out well.

So overall, I would sum up the film as a bland affair .. no ups no downs no thrills. Hot looking Sid and Jacky are the only reasons that you might want to watch this one.

Score 5 on 10.

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10 movies that the youth should not, must not & CANNOT miss!

While Bollywood has been constantly disappointing us with movies like Grand masti, Shandaar, Katti Batti (what kind of a name, even?!), we all have been craving for movies that don’t make us leave the theater within thirty minutes..literally. After watching a corrupt inspector, constantly trying to be funny (Dabangg guys..) and couples pretending to fight for their love, we’re tired yaa. Tired of trying to find the story line of the f**king movie! GOD, WHY DO WE DO THIS TO OURSELVES?

However amidst all this absurdity, Bollywood has also produced some unbelievably amazing movies. Here I’m talking about films with an actual beginning and an amazing end, movies where we don’t have to think about the purpose behind putting so much of money in such a film. Lol

Friends, we’re sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on any of these movies!

1. Wake Up Sid

2. Lagaan

3. No one killed Jessica

4. Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.

5. Zindigi Na Milegi Dobara

6. 3 Idiots

7. Dangal

8. Udaan

9. Rock on!

10. Rang De Basanti

11. Dil Chahta Hai

We’re almost sure that you all must’ve watched most of these, however if you’ve not, DOWNLOAD THEM NOW!! And do tell us how was it in the comments section below.


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