10 sweet moments of Bhaiyon Ka Rishta..


What can be better than having a best friend complimented with blood relations, lol. Or maybe 24×7 partner in crime, also, probably the safest person to blame when you’re caught, guess what? They’re your siblings!

How ’bout addin’ a bodyguard to the list above? We’re talking about your brother in particular, guys! And when there are two brothers under one roof, god bless the parents! Although the love they share is beyond any limits, you won’t ever find them expressing it to one another.

Bhaiyon ka rishta is full of laughter, fights & memories! So here are some sweet ones which you cannot miss.

1. Late night WWE sessions!

2. Shayad mujhe sahi mein kude ke dabbe se uthake laye the…

3. Mummy ko PTM ke baare mein please matt bataiyo!

4. And of course the pre-lunch remote fight.

5. My burp was louder than yours, like always! -__-

6. Rule 101, never express love!

7. 24×7 personal photographer.

8. Sharing your secrets with them might not be a good idea.

9. Let’s not even talk about it.

10. Oh yes!

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